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I am not normally a guy that thinks too much about skincare products, but I tried Thirsty Skin at the suggestion of a friend, and I have a specific result to share.  Thirsty Skin works awesome as it relates to moisturizing - but the bigger deal to me was that after many years of running and playing hockey, my right foot was constantly dry and cracking.  I have been putting Thirsty Skin very specifically on my right foot each time I am in the shower, and after only a few weeks the cracking and dryness is 95% better than it has been in years.  Thanks for a great product!

Rick Fossier

I LOVE Thirsty Skin Body Polish! No more Kerstosis Pilaris on upper arms or thighs. Great for for dry, flaky, dehydrated skin.  This will forever be part of my skincare routine!

Jenny Simon

I just LOVE Thirsty Skin Body Polish! No more itchy, dry, irritated skin. I don't even use lotion when I get out of the shower.  Being a cancer survivor I am very careful as to what I eat as well as what I put on my skin.  Thirsty Skin, uses all natural pure ingredients, so I never have to worry about my skin looking so good!

Janet Warman

Thirsty Skin Body Polish is the perfect accessory to my daily skin care routine. Get ready to throw out all of your body lotions, moisturizing is now done in the shower!

Kathryn Finley

Since using Thristy Skin Body Polish, my skin feels and looks more hydrated and youthful. This sugar scrub is the best part of my morning shower routine! I have used all three scents and feel they are all subtle and appropriate depending on my mood!

Dr. Shauna Reilly

Thirsty Skin is the best product my skin has ever encountered.  This high-end, unique product has given me amazing results, creating fresh, polished, and glowing skin.  The scents are refreshing and dreamy!

Grace Fossier

I absolutely love Thirsty Skin Body Polish! I just recently started using it and I am already hooked. I have stopped using body lotion as it does not compare to the moisturizing elements in Thirsty Skin. I am so excited to have hydrated, younger looking skin again!

Cheryl Fox

My Mom gave me Thirsty Skin Body Polish as a present for Valentine's Day. WOW!!!  Thirsty Skin leaves my skin so soft and smooth and it has also eliminated the red bumps on my upper arms.  The scent Lemongrass is the bomb!

Rachel Admire